Unleashing Desires: Mastering the Art of Fetish Dirty Talk


Different Types of Domination
If you think that all dominant things you say to your submissive should be harsh, cruel, or degrading, think again! Different kinds of submissives and dominats exist. That means the things you say to your sub might sound quite different from what another dom says to theirs.

Sensual domination – Sensual domination is all about arousing your partner’s senses and can be pretty gentle.

Brat taming – Brats tamers, on the other hand, have to be stern enough to show their brats who’s boss but not so extreme that they’ll hurt feelings.

Degradation/Humiliation – On the other hand, those who are into degradation kink might say things to their subs that seem extreme to others.

These are just a few flavors of domination or D/s relationships.

Some people make the mistake of saying dominant things that don’t match their style of domination or personality in general. That’s one reason why you might freeze up when the time comes to give instructions or praise to your submissive partner!

Keep this in mind when deciding on BDSM role play ideas.

The key is to be yourself… But dominant. Not imitate a trope you see in the movies, especially if that’s not what you or your submissive wants.

Caring dominance – But even if you’re firm when the situation calls for it, there are times when you’ll want to show your caring dom side.

Some of the dominant things to say in the examples below will overlap or seem similar to dominant dirty talk in other categories. Often, you only need to change the tone of your voice rather than the words you say to change how your partner receives it–and its effect on them!

Of course, you can change what you say, but often only changing a few things can have a significant impact. For example, adding your partner’s nickname as you soften your voice can completely change the vibe of what you’re saying.

Keep that in mind as you consider these dominant things to say in bed. Otherwise, you could find yourself trying to reinvent the wheel when all you need is a little adjustment to find the perfect thing to say to your sub.

Sensual domination is all about treating the senses, so the focus is often on textures and other physical sensations. However, there will be plenty of opportunities to speak to your submissive.

If you’re focusing on sensation, be aware of how you use your voice. Softer and huskier tones not only match the tone of this play better but can also be a form of sensation play. For example, you might want to make sure your partner feels your breath when you speak close to their ear.

  • You look so good when I touch you.
  • Close your eyes.
  • You’re going to feel me touch your [body part] with [body part or item].
  • You should see how good you look right now.
  • Focus on how this feels.
  • Describe how this feels to me.
  • I’m going to seduce you now.
  • I’m going to make you feel so good.
  • Stay very still for me.
  • You’re going to like how this feels.
  • You’ll feel your other senses heighten after I blindfold you

Finally, don’t think you need to say anything. A moan, sigh, or growl can each be incredibly expressive without using any words at all!

The phrases below work great if your D/s relationship and style of dominance are sweeter and more caring. They also work well if you simply want to offer praise and encouragement to your partner.

  • You’re doing such a good job. (This is the perfect thing to say if they are giving you oral sex)
  • You know just how I like it.
  • I love how hard you try for me.
  • Your are mommy/daddy’s good girl/boy.
  • I’ll let you choose your reward this time.
  • You can do it.
  • I adore your [body part].
  • I can’t wait to show you off.
  • I knew you could do it.
  • You look incredible like that.

Although the ideas above are a bit basic, you can imagine how some descriptive language could really elevate them–and your experience.

Psst, did you know that some people just love hearing that they’ve done an excellent job?! It’s called a praise kink, and it’s hot!

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